Barx Buddy Device Reviews – Harmful? Or Helpful? Price

Barx Buddy is one of the newest pet gadgets to hit the market in the United States. It was designed by an Ex-Professional Dog Trainer who wanted to develop a way to control bad dog behavior like begging for food, non-stop barking at the doorbell, barking late at night, destroying your couch cushions or whatever other annoying pet behavior that needs to end. The device works by emitting a super high pitched whistle that only pets can hear. It doesn’t cause them any pain, or hurt them at all, but it will help stop their bad behaviors. As a new pug owner myself, I figured it would be good if I tested it out and saw if it actually could live up to it’s stated benefits. My pug is still learning to be a good boy, so this was the perfect product for me to test with him.