A proprietary technology based on microelectricity and a multiplicity of turbines. Its ingenious approach consists of accumulating watts to make up kilowatts.


Current is generated by a (rotor) magnet assembly, which is rotated by a blade moving across a power circuit (stator). Micro electricity and multiple turbines combine to capture the lowest winds and accumulate their power.



The electronic regulator in each leaf harvests the maximum amount of power every second.


Its vertical-axis turbine makes it completely unobtrusive.


Adaptable to every need, from 500W to 3 kW.


A Plug & Play system allows the consumer to change the individual Aeroleafs without risk (drop in tension).


A solidly-built mechanism, devoid of belts or gears, for greater durability.


The applications under development, consist in combinations of Aeroleafs® in groups of 3, 12, or 48 that meet the same standards as the Arbre à Vent® (human scale, organic approach, biomimetics, soft generation) but in other forms or on other carrier structures. These applications respond to various uses and electrical needs.


The power generated by each leaf is enhanced by a low activation threshold and its ability to hug to the wind curve thanks to its very weak inertia.


Arbre à Vent®

Each leaf on the tree produces electricity from the slightest waft of air within a radius of 360°. It offers immediate consumption in proximity to end-use, while providing an esthetic, emotional contribution to urban landscapes.


One WindTree® can supply

15 street lamps of 50W

1000 sq. foot, low-consumption office (20kWh/ sq. yard)

83% of the electrical consumption of a French household, excluding heating

Lighting for 71 exterior parking spaces

One electric car for 10,168 miles per year

Filtering a pool of 1,766 cu. ft. for one year



The inspired biomimetic design blends perfectly into any landscape — urban or rural. All of its technological mechanics are hidden. No cable or generator is visible; they’re all integrated within the branches and trunk.


The silent operation of the vertical axis does away with the sound pollution of traditional wind turbines.


The Arbre à Vent® was designed to last (25 years) and to resist storms.


The Arbre à Vent® can be installed as close as possible to buildings — here’s no line loss and no construction permit necessary.


Installed Capacity 4.1 kW
Height 10 meters
Diameter 8 meters
Weight 4 tons
63 Aeroleafs

Estimated average production 2400 kWh
Activation Threshold 1.3m/s
Power Generated from 2m/s


1,905 lbs.

of coal

41 4-gallon jerrycans

of fuel


Generating 2400 kWh with an Arbre à Vent® avoids creating the

3.2 tons of CO2

that results from producing the same amount of electricity in an oil-fired power station.


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